The Manning Lab

This is an archived website, featuring data and information on the Manning lab at the Salk Institution and later at Genentech.

News and Events

Aug 17, 2019
RIPK3 viral evolution paper
In collaboration with James Murphy's lab at WEHI, we explored evolution viral homologs of the RIPK3 kinase and how their sequence changes enable them to interfere with necroptosis. (Full Text @ Cell Reports)

Jan 31 2018
HER2 breast cancer
Anneleen Daemen's very nice genomic analysis of HER2-amplified breast cancer has been published, showing important differences between the genomic event and the subtype, and finding new evidence for an androgen-driven subtype. (Full Text)

April 11, 2017
Phosphatome paper published
Mark's epic definition and analysis of the phosphatome, across 9 eukaryotic species, is now the cover article at Science Signaling.

Oct 12 2016
Phosphatome Updates
Mark and Gerard have made substantial updates to the Phosphatome website and wiki. Mark's phosphatome paper is under review at Science Signaling.

Sep 3 2016
Evolution of cell death
Using orthology techniques developed for kinome analysis, we've shown that the necroptosis pathway, including RIPK and MLKL kinases, is selectively lost in marsupials and some other mammals. See Annual Reviews paper by Newton & Manning.

May 12, 2016
New Oncogenic Kinase Mutations
In a paper lead by the Malek lab at Genentech, we've helped show how deleting a loop in the kinase domain is an oncogenic mechanism in EGFR, HER2 and BRAF kinases.

About the Manning Lab


Gerard Manning's research group at the Salk Institute explored biology using genomics and bioinformatics. The lab housed the Razavi Newman Center for Bioinformatics which provided bioinformatics support to other researchers at the Salk Institute. Research areas included the genomics and evolution of protein kinases and phosphatases, the genomics of aging, neurodegeneration and proteostasis, and the development of new methods for gene finding and orthology prediction in eukaryotes.


The Razavi-Newman center was disbanded in 2012. Gerard and Mark moved to set up a new group at Genentech, and most other lab members remained in San Diego. In 2016, lab alum Galina Erikson was hired back to Salk to help run the new Integrative Genomics & Bioinformatics Core.

The Manning lab at Genentech focused on integrated cancer genomics, looking to boil down large amounts of genomic data into the strategies used by cancer cells, in order to better understand them...and then kill them. Recent publications are on the Publications tab.

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