About the Manning Lab


We are a bioinformatics/genomics research group, based at the Salk Institute, near San Diego, California. We work on the genomics and evolution of protein kinases and phosphatases, and on more general questions of evolution of gene families, paritcularly in building accurate gene models for eukaryotes, and in orthology determination. We also work on selected questions in systems biolgy, particularly the evolution of pathways and of transcriptional regulatory networks in aging and proteostasis.

Our kinase focus comes from Gerard's days at Sugen, a pioneering biotech company devoted to developing kinase inhibitors, and also from Eric Scheeff's work on protein kinase structures and evolution in Phil Bourne's lab at UCSD.




Manning Lab Links

We maintain a number of websites to report our research and assist the broader community.





Phosphatome Wiki


OrtholoGene database of gene orthologies